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Welcome to New Horizons India's Stars Program....
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    New Horizons India announces the Launch of *Stars* program.. Give Someone a Career.. Refer them to the *Stars* Program..

About Virtual Horizon and *Stars* Program
Virtual Horizon is the technology arm of New Horizons India Limited focused on providing technology support and scalability to the business of the organization. We have a team of competent technology professionals who design, develop and deliver cutting edge technology / software solutions to its customers from across the globe. We always have the requirement of competent technology / software professionals who can join our technology team and help us cope up with growing business demands. 

*Stars* is our unique career oriented fresher recruitment program to support the growing business needs. The *Stars* program focuses on providing career oriented job opportunity to the potential candidates by providing world class, industry driven training to freshers / aspiring to be IT professionals and helping them achieve life time employability. It also serve the seasoned IT Professionals quench their thirst or advanced learning and help them enhance their skills (employability).

Vision for the *Stars* Program
. Help IT aspirants (mainly from tier II colleges in tier II & III cities) reach their goal of getting a career with IT Industry
. Help bridge the gap between demand and supply of employable IT manpower
. Recruit most of the New Horizons India's intake of freshers through *Stars* program

More about *Stars* (NHCP) Program
The *Stars* or New Horizons Certified Professional (NHCP) is our premier program providing life time employability. It offers candidates a nine months of practical training aligned to career with New Horizons.

During the first three months the selected candidates are trained by our competent team of experienced professionals on selected technologies, essential IT processes and soft skills. For the next six months they work with the project team(s) of New Horizons India Limited and get a practical exposure of corporate work environment. And at the end of the course the selected candidates join our team of competent technology professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions: *Stars* Program

Q. How does the program benefit the candidate?
A. At the end of this course the candidate will have the skills to work on projects and be productive from day one. He/she will earn almost 100% of the program fee as stipend during 6 months of project and hence does not pay anything for the program. While most candidates learn and grow to be a part of our competent team, only in the unlikely event of non-selection in New Horizons, the candidate still gains an experience of 9 months and the required skills to good employability in the IT industry.

Q. Is there any training / service agreement?
Yes, the candidates must first sign a training agreement for 9 months with New Horizons India Ltd, then, post 9 months; they need to sign a service agreement for 2 years with New Horizons India Limited, when they are offered employment with us. Incase a candidates leaves the course before 9 months (i.e. the stipend period) he / she is NOT eligible to any refund of security amount deposited.

Q. What is the fees charged to candidates for this program?
A. It's almost FREE. Yes, the candidate will spend 9 months with us and will get almost ALL the fees deposited in the beginning returned to him/her during the last six months, as stipend.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to enroll for this program?
A. Any graduate with minimum 50% marks in graduation from any stream.

Q. Is there any selection test to register or enroll?
A. Registration is FREE. But to enroll, Yes, the applying candidates will have to undergo a test and a personal interview before they can enroll for the program, because we want them to work with us for a minimum period of about 3 years (i.e. 9 months for stars program and 2 years for service agreement period), we want to take only those who can learn and grow with our highly competent team. 

Q. What are the final selection criteria for the job?
A. The final selection for the job depends on the candidate's performance during the training and project assessments. The candidates found suitable will be certified as NHCP (New Horizons Certified Professional) and will be offered employment, those not suitable will only be certified as NHCP, if they successfully complete the requirements of the program. Though we try our best to ensure everyone a job after completion of the program by ensuring a good quality intake through stringent selection criteria and rigorous training / assignments during the program.

Q. How much is to be deposited in the beginning and what is the stipend value?
A. The selected candidates will be able to enroll for Stars program by paying a security deposit of Rs. 40,000/-. Upon successful completion of training period, the candidates will be allocated to various projects from 4th month onward. From 4th to 9th month, the candidates will be receiving the stipend of Rs. 6,500/- per month, and will get Rs. 39,000 (i.e. 6,500 * 6) back before the closure of Stars batch.

Q. Where will the *Stars* candidates be trained & deployed?
A. Initial training will happen in Noida, after initial training of 3 months the candidates may be required to work with any of the New Horizons India Limited offices or at any of the client locations.

Q. Which all technologies will they be trained on and where will they be allocated?
A. The 3 months course focuses on the latest cutting edge technologies being widely used by IT industry. The allocation will also be based on the company's requirement of positions in various profiles. We would like to place people to the projects / technologies where we need them to work with us even after the program is completed.

Q. How do I apply for or refer my friends / relatives to enroll for NHCP course?
A. Click on Image Apply online or click here.



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